SpaceHarp Corporation
Free-Space Gesture-Interactive Music and Visual Instruments

The LightDancerTM is a full-body, non-contact, mistake-free interactive music and visual media instrument.
This breakthrough entertainment system provides an endless variety of creative, healthy fun.

We make music a sport!TM

We will be announcing our new product line and pricing in 1st Quarter 2014!

Anyone can enjoy effortlessly creating perfect Music

with color-changing crystals, beams and 3D Visuals!

Here's what trial players are saying:

"Fabulous, unbelievable!"
- Meril P., Woodland Hills, CA
"Wonderful !"
- Alexis S., Agoura Hills, CA
"Wonderful, loved it!"
-- Denese H., Yorba Linda, CA
"What an experience!"
- James M., Lancaster, CA
"Everything about it was spectacular!"
- Lois W., Alisa Viejo, CA
"We really had a great time!"
Lindsey M., HLindsey M., Hacienda Heights, CA
"Creative, invigorating!"
- Danielle M., West Hollywood, CA
"Amazing! Awesome!"
- Deer Mountain Day Camp, Pomona, NY
"I was immediately transported into a realm not of this world - Light, Music & Mind meld into one if you only let yourself go and become absorbed!"
- Steven C.
FreeSpace Interactive (LightDancer)
U.S. Patent Issued July 22, 2008

SpaceHarp Corporation
2020 North Main Street #240, Los Angeles, CA 90031

Contact: David Clark, CEO & Founder